The Importance of Air Filtration in a HVAC System

The Importance of Air Filtration in a HVAC System

Neglecting to have air filtration installed in your HVAC system leaves it vulnerable to all sorts of problems including damage from the build up of dirt and debris which can lead to expensive repair costs, and not least the negative impact this can have on our health.

Not only should you have air filters in the HVAC system, but they should also be maintained regularly and replaced if they have become damaged. At VSS our expert engineers carry out assessments on the condition of air filters across the UK and can supply and fit all types of air filtration.

Read on to find out why filtering the air that circulates around a building is so important, and how we can help to keep it performing efficiently.

The Purpose of a HVAC System

First of all, let’s start with why a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is needed in the first place and what its purpose is.

In the UK we deal with four changing seasons and the temperature can plummet to extremely cold temperatures, and within a few months the temperature can rise to warmer levels. These extreme temperatures can be uncomfortable to live in and there needs to be a system that controls this inside buildings. The HVAC system is the solution.

The HVAC system provides indoor thermal comfort by cooling or heating the air and bringing the temperature to a more habitable level. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning also improves indoor air quality by removing pollutants from the air. It’s important that we minimise our exposure to pollutants as much as possible to reduce the health risks associated with this. You wouldn’t drink unpurified water and it’s the same with air. We breathe in air all of the time so it’s vital that the air circulating in a building is purified.

This is where air filtration comes in to play. They keep the HVAC system clean and free from contaminants by filtering the air. Dirt and debris are the leading causes of failures in the ventilation system which is why this needs to be removed.

An air filter that isn’t functioning properly means that dust is circulating and we are breathing in this accumulation of dust and dirt. This can provoke or aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Mold is another problem which poses risks to human health. If the air filter isn’t working it becomes difficult to drain moisture from the HVAC system and this in turn causes mold to grow as the moisture builds up.

To keep a clean and functional HVAC system it needs air filtration that is also functioning properly. Maintenance, replacement and installation of air filters needs to be carried out by trained engineers, and at VSS air filtration supply and fit is one of our specialities.

Air Filtration Supplied and Fitted by VSS

VSS supply and fit all types of air filters from G1 grade up to U17 including panel filters, bag filters and HEPA filters. We assess the condition of filters and carry out maintenance work to improve its condition, and can supply and install new air filters.

Having the correct filter that is working increases the performance of the HVAC system, reduces energy bills as less energy is being consumed, and most importantly the indoor air quality is improved which benefits the health of those occupying the building.

If you need air filtration filters for the ventilation system in your building or you need the existing filters inspected and maintained call VSS today on +44 333 500 8368 to find out more.