When and Why to Consider Ductwork Leakage Testing

When and Why to Consider Ductwork Leakage Testing

The need for ductwork leakage testing is something that should be considered right from the design stage of a building. The building regulations which surround ductwork leakage testing, which is achieved by testing the pressure, have implications for contractors from the very earliest stages of the fit out, and throughout the life of the building.

The optimal design is a ductwork distribution system with minimal air leakage. Where air leakage is kept to a minimum, operational costs of the system are kept to a minimum and the longevity of the system is maximised.

During the set up phase and throughout the life of the building, testing of any installed ductwork systems will be periodically required and many if not most organisations choose to acquire the skills of qualified specialists to undertake this work for them.

Carrying out ductwork leakage testing

The level to which a ductwork system is airtight can be measured with ductwork leakage testing. The system and set up of the building should be designed to make periodic testing possible and a relevant contractor, such as ourselves, can maintain a building’s ductwork system on an ongoing basis.

BESA DW143 lays out the guidance for pressure classification performance and it is this guidance that we follow when we perform testing.

Ductwork leakage testing is most usually done by attaching a duct leakage tester to the ductwork in order to pressurise the system. Air is then sent through the system to create a uniform, static pressure throughout. By doing this, airtightness and indeed leakage, can be monitored. In order for this to be possible, ductwork leakage testing must always be done under positive pressure. Even if a system is designed to operate under negative pressure on a day to day basis, it is only by applying positive pressure that leakage sites can be identified. As such, pressure testing always involves running the system under positive pressure and identifying leakages, so that they can be rectified.

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Why VSS?

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