The Importance of Commercial Ductwork Cleaning

The Importance of Commercial Ductwork Cleaning

Ventilation in buildings is vital to the health and wellbeing of those who occupy the building, particularly in commercial premises with a high volume of workers or visitors. It’s important that clean air is circulating the building at all times and that nothing is preventing the air from flowing freely.

In large commercial premises, a large amount of dust and grease can build up in the ductwork which can have consequences on the functionality of the HVAC system and health and safety. Here at Breathe VSS we specialise in ventilation maintenance and perform ductwork cleaning on commercial buildings to high industry standards. Read on to find out more about the importance of maintaining a clean HVAC system and why your business needs our commercial ductwork cleaning service.

What are ducts?

Every building has them but not everyone knows what they are and often fail to check the condition of the ductwork and neglect their maintenance needs. Ducts are a vital component of the ventilation system, they are found in every building that has ventilation, heating, and air conditioning and are passageways that carry air throughout the building. A functioning duct system will distribute air evenly and regulate the temperature of a building.

Why does ductwork need cleaning?

The main reason for failing ventilation systems is blockages in the ductwork. As grease and dust builds up in the ductwork this hinders the air from moving throughout the building properly. The air can also become contaminated with debris, dust, pollen, and even mold which can cause health problems and exacerbate allergies when these particles are dispersed into the air that we breathe in. Not only this, properly functioning ductwork increases energy efficiency which will save you money on your energy bills.

To improve the comfort, safety and energy costs of your commercial building, ensure your ductwork is regularly maintained and cleaned by industry leaders such as Breathe VSS.

The Commercial Ductwork Cleaning Service From Breathe VSS 

To improve indoor air quality, the ductwork of your building needs to be professionally cleaned using specialist equipment. All of our staff are trained to industry standards and are BESA qualified. The ventilation cleaning that we carry out adheres to BESA TR19 guidance, BS EN 15780, and HTM 03 01 standards.

We have worked on many large commercial buildings, with our experience including cleaning HVAC systems on ships, hospitals, and prestigious retail buildings.

We also use all of the latest duct cleaning equipment and techniques such as rotary brushing, compressed air jetting, and mechanical cleaning.

If your building needs commercial ductwork cleaning, get in touch with our experts by calling today on 0333 500 8368.