The Importance of AHU Maintenance for Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of AHU Maintenance for Indoor Air Quality

Between home, work, shopping, school etc we can spend up to 90% of our time indoors and we all spend 100% of our time breathing in the air around us, so it’s incredibly important to insure that the air we breathe is good quality. Poor indoor air quality has been directly linked to lung diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer, according to the British Lung Foundation. So if you’re responsible for a building that requires a ventilation system, you need to ensure that t it is fully functional at all times with AHU maintenance.

About indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution can be caused by damp, chemicals (including chemical cleaning products), certain building materials, certain cooking techniques and, of course, poor ventilation. Arguably, poor ventilation is the most important thing on this list to address because the right ventilation can greatly minimise the effects of everything else in the atmosphere.

It is not always possible to see the effects that air pollution is having, in the short term. It may take a period of weeks, months or years of working in a poorly ventilated building to exacerbate a chest condition. However, in the colder months and around the changes of the seasons, colds and flu can spread around schools and workplaces and are likely to spread faster in areas less well ventilated. At these times you may be able to see air pollution in action!

What can be done to improve air quality?

Considering the methods of and products used in cleaning and cooking could improve indoor air quality. Eliminating harmful materials from a building and keeping people out during renovations can be important too. The rest pretty much comes down to correct ventilation. In some spaces that might mean keeping a window open but this might not be possible during the winter, or when the building is unoccupied. This is why most buildings – most public and commercial buildings at the very least – require a ventilation system.

Simply having a ventilation system is not enough either. To keep it in good working order and to reduce contaminants in the air you also need to invest in regular maintenance of the air handling unit (AHU).

AHU maintenance

Before VSS AHU maintenanceAfter VSS AHU maintenance

One look at the before and after pictures on the AHU maintenance page in our services section will convince you of the importance of this service better than anything we can say ever could.

Air moves through your ventilation system all day every day. That is the air breathed inside your building and air handling units not properly maintained will become contaminated, in turn adding contaminants to the air filtering through them.

At Breathe VSS we provide AHU maintenance contracts that see us survey and clean your system, as well as replacing any worn or underperforming parts, on a regularly scheduled basis. As well as maintaining the air quality in your building, AHU maintenance can also reduce instances of costly and disruptive unscheduled repairs.

If you have a ventilation system in your building and don’t currently have an AHU maintenance contract that you are completely satisfied with please get in touch with VSS by calling +44 333 500 8368.