Why Your Commercial Building Needs Indoor Air Quality Testing

Why Your Commercial Building Needs Indoor Air Quality Testing

We spend the majority of our time indoors, in our homes and in the workplace so this environment needs to be a healthy one. The air around us can seriously impact our health if it’s contaminated with pollutants. These pollutants can cause serious health conditions such as heart disease, respiratory problems, cancers, fatigue and can worsen existing illnesses and allergies. This exposure to pollutants can be particularly harmful for the most vulnerable in society and it’s vital that you understand the quality of air that is in your occupied building. Indoor air quality testing is the best way of determining how safe the air in and around your building is and ensuring that you’re not exposing its occupants to high levels of pollution.

What Constitutes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor indoor air quality is air that does not meet health and safety standards and is above the recommended level of contamination. The effects of this exposure to pollutants can range from minor allergies, to more serious illnesses and even death. The most common causes of poor indoor air quality include gases such as carbon monoxide and radon, second hand smoke, molds and pollution from common household products (also known as volatile organic compounds) such as air fresheners, pesticides, varnishes, paints, and much more. All of this pollution at high levels creates poor indoor air quality which can be found during testing.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to improve the condition of the air in your building to reduce the health risks. To improve indoor air quality you should eliminate pollutants and ventilate the building. You should also install alarms which detect gases such as carbon monoxide, remove mold by keeping the building dry and have regular testing carried out to ensure that good indoor air quality is maintained.

Indoor Air Quality Testing by VSS

At VSS we conduct indoor air quality testing that adheres to industry environmental standards to ensure that your building is also meeting these standards. Our assessments are in depth and produce accurate results. We conduct tests on the temperature of the building and ensure its regulated to a comfortable level. We also test humidity levels, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. We take samples to test for bacteria and fungi as well as other specific pollutants which can be harmful. Once we have completed the testing stage we’ll analyse the results which will confirm the quality of air in your building.

Indoor air quality testing is important to improving the quality of air as it can be difficult to tell whether you’re being exposed to pollutants without professional testing. Once testing has revealed this you can get on with creating a more healthy and comfortable environment by improving indoor air quality.

If you need indoor air quality testing for your building call the experts at VSS on +44 333 500 8368 and we can arrange a visit that’s suitable for you.