Delivering a New Standard in Ventilation Cleanliness

Clean Air Ventilation Standards

As part of the European Committee for Standardisation, or CEN, the introduction of a new British Standard for cleanliness levels in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) sector will help to reduce confusion within the industry.

The need for greater regulatory transparency in order to achieve cleaner and more efficient ventilation systems was formally recognised by the British Standards Institution (BSI) on 30 November 2011 in the new Standard – BS EN 15780 (‘Ventilation for Buildings - Ductwork - Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’). The legislation identifies the cleanliness standards that should be met in a variety of situations where ductwork is installed and regularly maintained.

The standardised levels of cleanliness in ductwork systems are designed to cater for the building’s intended use. Offering clear guidance to both the company installing the system and the facilities managers, BS EN 15780 outlines the level of service needed in order to maximise efficiency, lengthen the system’s service life and achieve optimum levels of air purity for the building and in line with its intended use.

Whether you are a systems designer, building owner or responsible for Health & Safety compliance within your company - you will need to ensure that you are completely familiar with the new guidelines that apply to your industry.

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