Millions of Grime Fires Started in UK Kitchens

Millions of British kitchens have suffered grime fires, according to research released this week by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC)  to mark Electrical Fire Safety Week. 

Grime fires are usually caused by the ignition of excess fat in cooking appliances, clutter stored by heat sources catching fire, or by dirt, dust and crumbs blocking ventilation and causing products to overheat. 

As grime fires are often caused by hidden dirt or overlooked mess, they can easily be avoided by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis and appointing a ventilation hygiene company, such as VSS, who is familiar with the legal requirements that must be met in order to safely maintain the working environment for all of the occupants and users .

Emma Apter from the Electrical Safety Council said: “Grime can often build up without you realising, so you might think you have a clean kitchen but if you look closer there can be an electrical fire waiting to happen. I’d urge everyone to clean their appliances as often as possible, and take care not to leave objects lying around in the kitchen that could ignite or block ventilation.” 

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Posted on September 27, 2013 .