VSS Help To Preserve Air Purity At The Mater Hospital, Belfast

Industry leading ventilation hygiene, system surveying and extract cleaning company, Ventilation Surveys and Services Ltd, understands only too well that poor ventilation hygiene can become a significant concern for medical facilities, compromising the health of patients, visitors and staff if systems are not regularly maintained.

Which is why the Mater Hospital in Belfast is employing VSS's services, appointing a 'high health' infection control LIVE Ward duct cleaning team.  The six-week project at the Mater hospital will see the team undertake the cleaning of Health Technical Memorandum HTM 03-01 compliant audit-critical grilles, luminaries, radiators and shower drainage as well as visual surfaces hygiene maintenance. 


Large buildings, such as hospitals, are more vulnerable to contamination because they have larger, more complex air supply systems in which bacteria, viruses and fungal spores can quickly spread.  As a result, it is vital that all relevant industry guidelines are adopted and met, whilst simultaneously minimising the disruption for patients and staff.  Call VSS on 0333 500 8368 to see how VSS can help you to preserve the purity of the air that you breathe in your place of work.