VSS Helps to Keep Fitness First Healthy

Industry leading ventilation hygiene, system surveying and kitchen extract cleaning company, Ventilation Surveys & Services Ltd, has been awarded the exclusive cleaning contract for Fitness First’s ventilation and air conditioning units, as part of the health club’s nationwide programme to refresh its existing property portfolio.

The cleaning works within each gym are being undertaken to ensure that the systems comply with BS EN 15780 standards, and to ensure that they are operating efficiently, as over time biological agents from outside a building, including fungal spores and pollen grains, combined with particles generated indoors (such as human skin flakes), can accumulate in ventilation ducts. Such microorganisms only require nutrients, oxygen, a little moisture and temperatures between 15oC and 25oC to grow, and can compromise the quality of the air that we breathe within that environment. BS EN 15780 dictates the standardised level of cleanliness required in all ductwork systems, and offers clear guidance to both the company installing the system and the facilities managers responsible for its ongoing maintenance, outlining the frequency of inspections and levels of cleanliness required in order to maximise efficiency, lengthen the system’s service life and achieve optimum levels of air purity for the building in line with its intended use.

VSS Ltd has found increases to the airflow around the grilles within Fitness First after cleaning to be consistently in the region of 80%, resulting in a phenomenal difference to the indoor air quality and the energy efficiency of the unit. VSS engineers measured airflow rates before and after cleaning in all locations in order to provide Fitness First with quantifiable results which justify their ongoing preventative maintenance budgets.

Alongside these services, VSS Ltd also checked the gyms for their fire integrity by identifying, inspecting and maintaining the fire dampers within the properties to ensure compliance of the ventilation with the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

All of the works were undertaken during the closing hours of the gym so no disruption was caused to Fitness First customers or staff. State-of-the-art cleaning equipment was utilised to achieve the optimum levels of cleanliness and protection to the environment.

Ventilation Surveys & Services Ltd has an impressive 25 years’ worth of experience in its sector, working for businesses of all sizes, from global name organisations to small independents. VSS understands that the routine maintenance of systems is important in order to ensure the optimum indoor air quality.

In addition to the company’s extensive industry experience, Group and Company CEO, George Friend, was also re-elected as President of the European Ventilation Hygiene Association (EVHA), and is regarded as a genuine authority in his field, while Group Sales and Operations Officer, Nick Umfreville, is the author of ductwork cleaning guidelines throughout the world.

Whether you are a systems designer, building owner or responsible for Health & Safety compliance within your company - you will need to ensure that you are completely familiar with the new guidelines which apply to your industry. One call to VSS will help you to understand the regulatory requirements for your business.

Notes to Editors

About Ventilation Surveys & Services Ltd.

Lead by Nick Umfreville and George Friend, VSS has a wealth of industry experience, spanning over 25 years, working with small independents as well as global organisations. More recently George Friend was elected President of the European Ventilation Hygiene Association, and is regarded as a genuine authority in the industry.

Their services include ductwork cleaning and remediation, hygiene surveys, inspection and testing of local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV) and air conditioning energy assessments (EPBD).

Posted on April 1, 2014 and filed under Industry, Press.