VSS Signs up for BESA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme, Setting Industry Standards Again

VSS Signs up for BESA Ventilation Hygiene Elite Scheme, Setting Industry Standards Again

VSS are once again at the forefront of leading industry standards after becoming one of the very first companies to sign up for the BESA Elite Scheme. This scheme was created to help all ventilation hygiene specialists that apply for the scheme to be able to demonstrate how competent they are, as well as the impressive quality of their standards.

How can the BESA Elite Scheme help VSS and industry standards?

besa elite scheme

As a result of joining this scheme, all reports now created by VSS – initially in terms of kitchen extraction works, but eventually extending to other works – will be uploaded to the BESCA. From this, a percentage of these reports will then be independently audited.

BESCA will be auditing firms’ work so that they can ensure that industry standards are maintained and managed by a database of post-clean reports. These will be able to be used as an auditable trail by the member firm, as well as their clients and insurers. Through this, they can monitor the work that has been carried out and ensure that all standards expected of us here at VSS are being met by every member of our team.

The results of the BESA Elite Scheme on our work

BESCA will be carrying out ongoing surveillance of each registrant so that they can confirm continuing compliance to industry standards. The amount of surveillance that they carry out should reduce year-on-year, as long as the company continues to display a high standard of work. A BESCA certificate for all notified cleans that meet the requirements will automatically be generated so that they can be issued to the end client.With this, we know that we can always offer the best service to all of our customers, which will in turn be confirmed by BESCA. If you’re interested in learning more about the BESA Elite Scheme, contact a member of our team by calling 0333 500 8368.