The Importance of Regular Water Hygiene Treatment

The Importance of Regular Water Hygiene Treatment

Water hygiene treatment refers to the inspection, monitoring and cleaning of any water system, domestic or commercial. Whether it be a spa or swimming pool, a drinking water supply, a shower block or an industrial cooling tower, risk assessment, testing and treatment are all imperative to the safety of a water supply.  

Here at Ventilation, Surveys & Services we’re able to carry out complete and comprehensive water hygiene treatment services for sites large and small, wherever you are in the country.

What does water hygiene treatment involve?

Water hygiene testing, assessment and treatment can take numerous forms. Whatever you require, we’re able to provide it. Our comprehensive, professional water hygiene treatment services include:

  • Chlorination and sampling of new SLO mains water and hydrant water pipework to the utilities providers’ requirements.
  • Chlorination of new building installation pipework to BS8558 current legislation.
  • Chlorination of existing hot and cold water services to ACOP L8
  • Chlorination and cleaning of cold water storage tanks
  • Chlorination of hot water calorifiers
  • Tank inspections
  • TMV inspection and servicing
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Showerhead descaling
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Sampling of water systems for UKAS accredited laboratory analysis

Every one of these important treatments and checks is absolutely imperative, depending upon the circumstances of the water supply. Our experienced and highly trained engineers are able to begin with an initial consultation and assessment to let you know the nature of the water treatment you need, before carrying out any relevant work to ensure that you meet all required health and safety standards.

Why choose VSS for water hygiene treatment?

Established in 2011, we’re a leader in the field of ventilation hygiene and water hygiene treatments. We regularly work all over the world, onshore and offshore. Our focus has always been on marrying cutting edge technology with a highly skilled workforce and a singular focus of excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Not only is our team fully trained and accredited to the highest industry standards but we also house our own state-of-the-art training facility, here at our Liverpool office. As a result, we not only stay fully trained ourselves but are responsible for delivering our highly sought after training throughout the rest of the industry.

Naturally, VSS is a member of BESA and EVHA. In addition, we’re extremely active in our membership, guiding, authoring and advising on industry standards and qualification committees.

We are a team at the top of our industry, able to provide any service you need, wherever you need it. For information on water hygiene treatment, ventilation testing, surveys, repairs, installations or anything else, please get in touch by calling +44 333 500 8368.