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Pre Clean

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Ventilation Systems require cleaning regularly to ensure that they work as they are designed and installed.

Dirty and contaminated ventilation systems will affect the Indoor Air Quality of a building and this could lead to adverse health conditions for the users and occupants.

Ventilation Surveys and Services have been cleaning and maintaining ventilation systems and ductwork for over 10 years. We use specialist plant and equipment to remove the internal contaminants to restore the system to TR19 compliance. All of our works are undertaken in accordance with industry standards and BS EN15780.

Our staff are all trained and experienced in working on ventilation within Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Retail and Hospitality and Educational settings.

With our expertise we can add access doors and hatches to the ductwork and its components to allow access for cleaning and maintenance.

We clean and maintain Air Handling units, Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Ductwork and its internal components. Fan coil units and Air Conditioning systems can also be cleaned, serviced and inspected by our team of engineers.

We use the most cutting edge equipment to deliver the highest results for our clients, including our new duct cleaning robots. All equipment is overseen by our specialist workforce.

Lifa Electric Robot

All of our work is undertaken in accordance with BESA TR19 specifications and we produce full digital reports for our customers. We are unique in our ability to issue CAD drawings of all of the systems that we clean and maintain.

Pre and Post cleaning images along with lists of any found defects are issued upon works completion and we have the ability to offer remedial services such as mechanical replacements, ductwork alterations, Commissioning and balancing of systems.

We can maintain all supply, extract and recirculatory ventilation systems and ductwork. We can clean and maintain laboratory and specialist LEV systems. Hazardous laboratory and fume cupboard decontamination projects are regularly undertaken by our expert teams.

If you have a need for ductwork cleaning or ventilation maintenance then our team of specialists are here to assist you for all of your needs.